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Health Apps as the new milestone in Healthcare

Health Apps as the new milestone in Healthcare

According to Dr. David Bates, chief of internal medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and an internationally renowned expert in patient safety and health care technology, health apps are becoming increasingly sophisticated, offering smartphone users assistance in dealing with chronic ailments.
Over 90,000 new health applications were available on the Apple and Google app stores in 2020 alone.
“There are actually several hundred thousand on the marketplace, which is just bewildering as a patient,” Bates said.
According to the report, over 61 percent of people suffering from a chronic ailment use some form of health app, but just 14 percent use an app especially aimed at managing or tracking their specific health problem.

One-third of people with a chronic illness said they don’t bother with an app because they don’t feel the need to constantly track their health, the poll results showed. And a quarter of people with chronic conditions said they’re concerned about the privacy and security of medical information they share with the app. About 17% said they just can’t afford health apps, and 14% said they find them too complicated.

Apps are becoming increasingly more significant with the introduction of telemedicine, according to Bates.
Patients are frequently required to collect their own vital signs and track their own health data in order to relay their findings to their doctor during a telemedicine consultation.  

“Typically, the patient is given a lot more responsibility to handle things themselves, and an app may help you a lot,” Bates added. “It can help you keep track of some of the numerous things you should be keeping track of,” such as your daily blood sugar readings and weekly exercise sessions.

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